Monday, April 26, 2010

Top 5: Work appropriate MAC eyeshadows

Here are  my "go to" work appropriate MAC eyeshadow colors that I use on most (almost all actually) week days. They retail for $14.50 in a pot, or you can buy refill pans for $11.

5) MAC Espresso - Muted golden brown (Matte)

4) MAC Cork - Muted golden brown (Satin)

3) MAC Texture - Peachy-brown with shimmer (Velvet)

2) MAC Grain - Golden beige with icy shimmer(Satin) OR MAC Arena Soft gold-peach with pearl (Satin)

1) MAC Brule - Soft creamy-beige (Satin) OR MAC Bamboo Light beige with peach (Matte)


shellsea said...

Thanks! this is a great reference.Being new to mac I need help with work appropriate colors.

Sush said...

lovely shades! thanks for posting, adding a few more to the list haha

Ashwini said...

Gorgeous! Thanks for putting the labels right on the image; that was very helpful!

Jen said...

great picks!

April said...

pretty colors. Even though my work is pretty laid back since it is a "beauty" atmosphere I still tend to go with neutrals.

Marce said...

Thanks for sharing these! Texture is stunning, I really need that one. I love the golden shimmer it has and the lovely...texture, LOL!
I love Brun too, it's quite similar to Expresso. Maybe a bit darker and less ashy :)

Aisha said...

thanks for this post. can you explain though how you wear these colors, which color you apply where? thanks!

Tanky99 said...

Are these the combinations you wear them in?


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