Tuesday, February 24, 2009

My take on what Frida Pinto's Oscar EOTD should have been like :)

This beautiful girl should have glamed up the eyes a bit in my opinion:

Her eyes:

My recommendation:


Kokilah Reddy said...

u deserve those compliments. btw, this rendition of urs is also really good. can u plz explain to me which part of the eye is crease, lid n waterline tq. and wat i meant by showing spep by step is that by showing the model's eye without any makeup n one by one showing u doing the make up. and do u have any of ur video on youtube, if u do, do give me the link dear. tq. i have many of my frens who love ur work too.keep it up.

Rima Kaur said...

oh the look is gorgeous! it would have looked very stunning. but then freida is known to keep a simple face. somehow i feel it makes her look so nice as compared to others who are always always so made up on the red carpet.


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