Friday, March 12, 2010

Rediscover your stash: LORAC Croc Palette

I am trying to reuse as much as of stash as possible instead of buying new products - thus the "rediscover your stash" series. The goal is to decide if I should keep or toss the product.

Today, this post features the LORAC Croc palette.

Here is the look:

Keep or toss?


anamika said...

I would have never thought of throwing it away with this look.You can courier it to me:d

Ebru said...

Keep, keep, keep! I love the colors, too pretty to throw away, and it doesn't only look pretty on the palette, but the color pay off is great too! :)

Rima Kaur said...

keep! definitely!

Alien said...

you're amazing with makeup, I need to learn from you :)


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