Monday, February 22, 2010

What's your fav. blow dryer?

I am in the market for a hair dryer. I need one for doing blowouts to straighten my hair. I have wavy to curly hair.

What is your favorite hair dryer? I have heard raves about the T3 Evolution dryer ($300). Is it worth it?


JB said...

I have a cheapie conair right now so I'm no help. I'd be interested in knowing though :)

I love my Sedu flatiron!

Vintage Obsession said...

i would run to store right away if thats true :)interesting blog:)

P.S do drop by my Vintage Obsession :)

Pooja said...

I just recently bought this T3 Evolution after reading rave reviews. I guess it dries faster than my old Conair but I don't know if it is super fabulous as I don't have any other expensive dryers to compare it to. It is definitely faster than my old dryer. I decided to keep it since it's fine and I'm too lazy to return it. Btw, it was like one hundred something on I would never spend 300 on a hair dryer, just 140..haha! Crazy we are!


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