Friday, April 5, 2013

My updated skincare routine

I have dry sensitive skin, and I am getting older it's getting drier.

Here is my previous skincare routine

Cleanser: Olay - it foams (USA)
Toner: Skinfood Gold Cavier (South Korea)
Antioxidant: Olay White Radiance (India). It has niacin amide
Eye cream: Etude House Collagen (South Korea)
Face cream: Etude House Collagen (South Korea)
Sunscreen: La Roche Posay Spray (Canada)


Cleansing oil: Neutrogena (Hong Kong)
Cleanser: Olay foaming for sensitive skin (USA)
Treatment: I alternate between M2 and Avene Diacneal (, USA)
Moisturizer: Oilatum Natural Face Repair (UK)

To remove the dead skin generated by M2/Diacneal, I exfoliate with a physical scrub every weekend.

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