Friday, October 12, 2012

Use it up - Sep 2012

Here are the products I used up in Sep.

I love this deo. Got it from Hong Kong. Do you know if I can get this in USA?

Pink Flower Scents- Shampure  foaming bath whip. The store is unfortunately closed  :(

Finally used up Lancome Miracle, and my signature scent Juicy Couture Original

Skip these - made my hair really dry.

Diacneal  now reformulated to be called Triacneal is my skin care staple. The other 2 were samples and did not do anything special for me. Skip.

My HG face cleanser!


Chris said...

Check this site:

It looks like they have it, except the writing is in German.

Parita said...

hi..can u pls review avene diacneal pls? I have combination skin with open pores on my inner cheek area and often get zits n pimples..wud this help?

...An Eye Makeup Addicts Blog... said...

Thanks chris

...An Eye Makeup Addicts Blog... said...

@parita sure i will do a review. it will be awesome for you. it has really helped control my acne


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