Sunday, October 21, 2012

Blogsale #5 - MAC eyeshadows purples

The eyeshadows have barely been used. Most have been swatched 2-3x (other than shadowy lady in the middle row).
  1. illegal cargo - $8
  2. beautiful iris - $8
  3. satellite dreams - $8
  4. moth brown (barbie collection) - had a slight chip - $20 (LE color)
  5. hepcat - $8
  6. sketch - $8
  7. shadowy lady (with a slight dip - middle row) - $7
  8. shadowy lady (bottom row) - $8
  9. contrast - $8
  10. graphology (next to satellite dreams - forgot to label) - $8

Rules and such

There is a minimum order amount of $10. Please send purchase requests to or cookie1234 on

I'm not interested in trades/swaps right now. First come, first serve so I will look at time stamps

I have feedback available to view on under the username

I only ACCEPT paypal and make sure you mark it as a gift, otherwise paypal charges and there will be an extra charge for items.

U.S only please. Shipping for U.S is $3.00. If you are buying multiple things we can workout the shipping. Please allow 2-3 days to ship, i can usually send out about twice a week. I will ALWAYS ship with delivery confirmation

you can email me at or cookie1234 on

Have fun shopping!!!!


caucasian hair colouring said...

The mac eyeshadow purples given here is excl lent. Read to know more

skin rejuvenation said...

The mAc purple eyeshadow is sdescribed here. Know all about it

Hadassah Almah Banyamyan said...

Just emailed you about Shadowly Lady and sketch please get back to me

Think Pink Always said...

Please advise if illegal cargo and graphology is available.

Thank you


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