Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Help a fellow blog reader

Hi all

A blog reader wrote to me asking for 15 MAC eyeshadow recommendations. Here are my suggestions, but I wanted to open it up so that you could help her as well.

She is from Spain. She very pale (tone MAC NW15 ) and her eyes are brown and green. She prefers neutral looks, since colourful looks is a bit too exagerated for her daily look (as for most of us)

She already has a quad for carbon, espresso, brule and steamy.

Here are my picks for her:

  1. satin taupe 
  2. sketch 
  3. expensive pink 
  4. patina 
  5. shale 
  6. sumptuous olive 
  7. woodwinked 
  8. soba 
  9. brun
  10. all that glitters OR naked lunch OR jest
  11. antiqued 
  12. shroom OR nylon
  13. ricepaper
  14. motif OR vex
  15. cork or wedge or soft brown

For colors like greens/purples, I recommended she get pigment samples or from drugstore.


Christina said...

I did a post on this very subject:


Almay makes eyeshadow trios for different eye colors. She could also look into that.

Christina said...

For purples: MAC Beautiful Iris, NARS Jolie Poupee, Smashbox Enchanted.

For greens: MAC Fresh Flare, Urban Decay Graffiti, NYX Mermaid Green (dupe for MAC Humid).

Peachy shades: Urban Decay ABC Gum, Revlon Peach Sorbet.

Neutrals: Revlon Vintage Lace (creamy beige), MAC Shroom, MAC Ricepaper, MAC Mylar.

Simi said...

What would you say are your top 15 for someone that is your skin tone and has your eye color? I ask because I'm your same kin and I love the everyday looks you come up with.

...An Eye Makeup Addicts Blog... said...

@chris - thanks for helping!

@simi - sure, I will post them soon!


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