Wednesday, May 2, 2012

MAC Extra Dimension Superb comparison

Based on swatches and on my face, Superb looks a lot like By Candlelight in color. The only difference is finish - superb is very metallic.

Superb (left) , Petticoat (center), By candlelight (right)

petticoat, by candlelight, superb


Chris said...

I almost bought Glorify, but then I realized I have enough highlighters to last until I have grandkids. LOL. Can you post more lip swatches of your fave lipsticks and glosses?

Anonymous said...

nice opinion.. thanks for sharing..

...An Eye Makeup Addicts Blog... said...

@chris - sure I'll do one for lip stuff.

vanaja said...

Thanks for given such a nice tips, it is very interesting and i like it so much.


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