Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Quick tip: how to make primer last on my lids?

I have oily lids and most primers just slide off, and my beautifully applied eyeshadows would get creased by noon.

I was determined to make primers work for me. So after trying almost all primer on the market, I thought about changing the routine or steps that I use to apply my makeup. Usually, I did my face first and then the eyes. So I thought let me do my eyes first. I applied primer to BARE skin, and then did my eye makeup, then my face. AND VIOLA!! UDPP worked like magic!! Maybe this is a known fact, but I sure discovered it by trial and error, and thought I would share my discovery with you:):)

If you have pigmented lids, apply any primer to bare skin again (dont put concealer/foundation yet). Let it dry, and then apply a base like MAC paintpot to even the lids.

This technique worked for me, but as usual each person's skin reacts differently to products. Hope this helps someone..


Chris said...

I have oily lids too, and UD Eden PP is the only primer that has worked for me. I recently started using Stila Caramel Prime Pot and it's really good!

...An Eye Makeup Addicts Blog... said...

I tried and returned Stila prime pot since I creased over concealer , but am tempted to try it again now over bare skin


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