Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Lakme Black Stain Kohl

Lakme Black Satin Kajal is a new product that was launched with the Gypsy Collection. It retails for Rs. 150.

From Lakme's website:
[1] Jet black kajal for the blackest black delivery in just one stroke. Draw a sharp, intense line or smudge for a smoky finish.
EMA says: I can't agree more!!

[2] The easy-to-use pencil glides on super soft and smooth, with a glossy finish only satin can provide!
EMA says: hell ya!!!

[3] Create bold and beautiful eyes with this water resistant formula that keeps color and shine in place without spreading.
EMA says: This is where this product failed me. I have to set it with matte black eyeshadow to keep it from moving on my waterline. But it's a kajal it's supposed to smudge...

Over all: 4.5/5


Anonymous said...

I have the same one and I cant tell if you can sharpen it or not. Have you tried?

...An Eye Makeup Addicts Blog... said...

Yes you cab sharpen it

ValsPrettyGlam said...

I'm so getting one of these! Shoot...I need you to compare it to the Givenchy Magic Kajal Eye Pencil.

Aarthi said...

Any looks coming up?

...An Eye Makeup Addicts Blog... said...

@valsprettyglam - i did get the Givenchy kohl a year ago..and hated it since it smudged on me in 2 mins..also something in the product stung my eyes. but it definitely was very very black, and if I remember correctly was glossy as well.

the lakme one is super cheap - $3, compared to Givenchy kajal for $22 :)

...An Eye Makeup Addicts Blog... said...

@Aarti - yes!! I will be using my Naked palette soon :)


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