Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Blog sale #1: NYX eyeshadow singles - 7 shades remaining ($2.50 each)

I have realized that I have just way too much makeup. So I have decided to downsize. I will be having multiple sales. Sale #1 is for NYX eyeshadow singles. All have been used 2-3x. Rules of the blog sale are towards the end of the post. (Please click in the image to see the full size view, and usage details)

 $2.50 each. If you decide to buy all 7 eyeshadows, you can have them at a discounted price of $15 (plus shipping)!!
  1. Deep Purple
  2. Peach (the label says peach, but its a beautiful turquoise color)
  3. Mermaid Green
  4. Herb
  5. Copper
  6. Chick
  7. Highlight

Rules and such

There is a minimum order amount of $10. Please send purchase requests to eyemakeuplooks@gmail.com or cookie1234 on makeupalley.com.

I'm not interested in trades/swaps right now. First come, first serve so I will look at time stamps

I have feedback available to view on makeupalley.com under the username

I only ACCEPT paypal and make sure you mark it as a gift, otherwise paypal charges and there will be an extra charge for items.

U.S only please. Shipping for U.S is $3.00. If you are buying multiple things we can workout the shipping. Please allow 2-3 days to ship, i can usually send out about twice a week. I will ALWAYS ship with delivery confirmation

you can email me at eyemakeuplooks@gmail.com or cookie1234 on makeupalley.com.

Have fun shopping!!!!

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