Saturday, November 27, 2010

Updates skincare routine: winter specific

A few basics first, I have dry to normal skin, slightly sensitive and of late a bit acne prone. I am in my early 30s so anti-aging is very important to me.

Step 1) Cleanse your face with just water. Maybe spray some rose water.

Step 2) (optional) Every other day wipe face with salicylic acid pads. I use the ones from Oxy Sensitive cleansing Pads or its dupe from Rite Aid/CVS. I do this if my skin seems to be breaking out frequently.

Step 3) Apply Vitamin C serum. I am loving Ole Henriksen's Truth Serum Collagen Booster.

Step 4) Apply sunscreen. I like La Roche-Posay Anthelios 60 Face Melt-In Sunscreen Lotion
Or this Neutrogena one.

Step 1) Cleanse your face with a detergent free cleanser. I love these three from
RoseHip (for me)
WheatGerm (for me)
AHA (for my spouse's oily skin)

Step 2) Apply Avene Diacneal (my retinol treatment) or Mama lotion (my AHA treatment). I alternate them (so one night retinol and the next night AHA, repeat)

Step 3) Apply moisturizer. I am loving Cerave's PM lotion for summers.

Step 4) If my under eye area is feeling dry, I moisturize with Nivea cream (the blue tin, I got mine from Germany). In winters I use this cream on my entire face.

WEEKLY treatment:
Saturdays - I use a 40% lactic acid peel from
Wednesdays - I use a 30% glycolic peel from

If my skin is feeling dry, I use the Korres Thyme Yogurt Mask.


priya said...

great regimen! have you noticed any changes in your skin with this? I want to include some peels and vit c serum in my routine,so I was just wondering,thanks!

Best Mineral makeup said...

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peterrose679 said...

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...An Eye Makeup Addicts Blog... said...

@priya - totally! Recently met my girlfriend, and did not have time for foundation. Now she has never seen me w/o makeup. She was like this is the best color match

That's the best compliment I have ever received on my skin.

skin is clearer, smoother. pores are tighter. foundation goes on much more smoothly...

Anonymous said...

Hi, I have normal/combination skin, and am 34 years of age. No acne since I entered my 30's. what regimen would you recommend?Is the retinol and AHA treatments at night for acne? Would you recommend the lactic acid and glycolic acid peels for me?


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