Friday, November 13, 2009

Part 1: Review on Foundations

As a reminder, I am Nc40/42 in MAC, and Warm Natural in Bobbi Brown. My cheeks are much lighter (NC35ish) and have slight redness, but my forehead and area around my mouth are darker.

Tip to get flawless foundation: The following trick is working really well for me. I apply my moisturizer followed by a sunscreen, and let it sit for 5-10 mins. Then I spray my face with MAC Fix+ or any rose water and quickly apply my foundation (while my skin is damp) using any flat synthetic brush. Then take MAC 187 and buff it into your skin. Set with the HD powder and you will have a gorgeous, flawless face!!!

Alright, so let's begin with the reviews.

It's the perfect shade for me! I tried Golden Beige (a shade lighter). The golden beige looked great on my cheeks, but it was ashy on my forehead and around my mouth. I tried Honey Beige and it looked great on me. The best thing about this foundation is that you can build the coverage. I need about 1-1.5 pumps for a flawless coverage.

I have to admit, the one problem with this foundation is that it sometimes sits on top of the skin if your face is not well exfoliated. So I highly recommend exfoliating your face at least every weekend.

  • NARS Oil free foundation in St. Tropez (discontinued)
This was my HG foundation in NARS! I loved it so much. The coverage was light-medium, but it was perfect for summer. Then NARS decided to discontinue it since they released the Sheer Glow and Sheer Matte foundation :( I went to 2 Sephoras and 3 different department stores, but I could not find a back up for my St. Tropez...*sighs..a moment of silence please*

Moving on to the Sheer Glow foundations. Barcelona is not a bad match, but it is a touch light for me. Syracuse, which is a shade darker, unfortunately is too golden for me. It turns out that I have "beige" undertones, not pink, not golden. I guess I am neutral skintone?

NARS claims that this is a "weightless formula, that hydrates the skin while complexion brightening properties improve skin brightness, radiance, and texture, leaving skin with a luminous, sensual glow". We will see if it does all this. Some people have reported break outs while using this foundation. I have not had this problem yet.

The bottle shape of both sheer glow and matte is the same. In my opinion, the Sheer Mattes run a bit lighter than Sheer Glow. Syracuse in Sheer Matte is not a bad match, it's certainly better than Barcelona in Sheer Glow, but it is no St. Tropez. Mr. NARS if you are reading this, please get St. Tropez back (*wishful thinking, but hey I am desperate*)!!!!!

Not too impressed with this foundation. M60 was a decent match, but the coverage was not as high as I wanted. The coverage is a bit more than a tinted mointurizer on me. I'd pass on this one. I got their pressed powder in M60 as well. That is not bad, I use it to set my foundation for my evening looks.


JB said...

Very informative! How funny, I got matched in NARS lifting foundation today, and have a sample of Syracuse. The folks at the NARS counter are so helpful.

Paula said...

Wow thanks for the awesome post! I am looking for a new foundation.

Miss said...

i am in the same boat with you--nars oil free st tropez: discontinued???!?!??!? ack! what to do now? im so confused! ive used this for like 2 yrs and all of a sudden, they discontinue it. i hate when companies do that!!!

what are u using in place of it? nothing can TOUCH my nars oil free st tropez :( i have like 2 days worth left n idk wat to do. im so skeptical to try new things when i found the perfect one!

...An Eye Makeup Addicts Blog... said...

Hi Miss,

I don't know what NARS dced this perfect shade. I am still trying to find a perfect color dupe for St. Tropez, but I have been unsuccessful so far :( Will keep you posted


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