Sunday, November 8, 2009

Love of the week: Laura Mercier Smokey Smoky Eye Liner Brush

Do you want to smoke out your waterline? But you can never get the color to be as close to the waterline as possible? Did you buy MAC 219 thinking you can do both the above and failed? If you have answered yes to all the above, then Laura Mercier Smokey Smoky Eye Liner Brush is what you are looking for.

It retails for $29, and its the best $29 I have ever spent in a while....

Do you see how sharp the tip is compared to MAC 219? Ah smokey out the waterline is such a joy now:)

1 comment:

Inner Belle said...

you completely on point here! i have to agree, and laura mercier do another eyeliner brush which i lovely to line also! love both these liner brushes!


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