Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Why you need UD BOS Vol 2 Palette:)

The colors were so much more brighter in real life. I tried really hard, but somehow purples are very hard to capture on my camera:(

UD BOS Vol2 - stands for Urban Decay, Book of Shadows - Volume 2 palette

(Thanks to MUAer sylvialeexd for the clever title :):)

Items used:
  • Inner lid - Urban Decay (UD) Ecstasy (from the book of shadows, volume 2 pallet)
  • Whole lid - UD AC/DC
  • Outer V and crease: UD Gunmetal
  • Intensify outer V with MAC Carbon or UD Perversion
  • Highlight with MAC Shroom
  • Any silver in inner V, I used a MAC sample, and the name has worn off:(


Anonymous said...

I absolutely love love your blog!!! Your eye makeup is adorable and very creative. I am trying to create my first MAC palette and i like the colors that you used but i didnt find those palettes in your blog. Could you please post your MAC palettes and a few recommendations. Thankyou

An Eye Makeup Addicts Blog! said...

Thanks so much! are you looking for a neutral palette or with colors? do you like shimmer or matte?

here are a few posts that might help you:

The Mighty J said...

Ohhhh looks gorgeous , but then you are talented lol

veena said...

Hey, I really like your blog and I especially love this look of yours. I think you do browns and bronzes very well too.

JamZ-T said...

you have really pretty eye....i love ur brows too.. :)


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