Sunday, October 25, 2009

Kristen Stewart's Matte Brown Look from the Allure cover page

It was requested of me to try and dupe Kristen Stewart's matte brown eyes from the Allure cover page.

Here is the look:

Here is my rendition:

I am much much much darker than Kristen and my eyes are brown, so the look of course will be different on me. Mine probably came out a little bit too dark compared to her look

Items used:
  • Lid: Loreal HIP gel liner in brown. Smudge it with MAc 217
  • Upper lashline: Apply Stila Onyx black pencil liner very close to the lash line and smudge (I would try to avoid this step to get a lighter look)
  • Now pack MAC Cordoroy on the lid, layer it with Milani Rich Chocolate eyeshadow
  • Apply MAC Rule in the crease to fade out the color
  • outer V: darken with MAC Carbon as usual
  • Drag Milani Rich Chocolate below the waterline. Darken outer 1/3rd with MAC Carbon
  • Apply any black pencil kohl on waterline
  • Curl lashes and apply mascara
Done :)


Aquaheart said...

well i dont who wrote that other comment. RUDE! but i think it looks amazing! :)

great post :D

JB said...

I'm the one that requested it, thank you so much! You did a wonderful job, I can't wait to try on myself :) Thanks again!!

The Mighty J said...

What a rude thing to say.
I was gonna say I like this look better on you then on K-Stew - for whatever reason she annoys the heck out of me LOL Don't let that party-pooper's comment stop you from posting your looks ok?

streetsmartjunkie said...

You are really talented girl !!
loved yer post on lakme stuff and I even ended up buying ginger surprise blush on yer recco !! I totally love this stuff . it make my cheeks stand out !! love yer blog !!!!

I wish you wd do more review on Indian make up products .will look forward to that !:)
till then keep it up !!

An Eye Makeup Addicts Blog! said...

The rude comment has been deleted.

I just received my Zoya haul. Will post pics soon

StreetSmartJUnkie - I dont have a whole lot of Indian brand, a few chambor palettes, other than the Lakme stuff I wrote about. Would you be interested in reviews on Chambor?

An Eye Makeup Addicts Blog! said...

The Mighty J - I love makeup, and I wont stop posting! Thanks for your supportive comment:)

Aquaheart - thanks so much!

streetsmartjunkie said...

well .. I wd be more than interested to hear yer viewson em .
cant wait for yer post :)

marioutta said...

It looks better on you! because you r more natural! besides you look like a pretty gepsy! bonne continuation!


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