Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Love of the week: MAC Full Coverage Foundation

I use this product in shade C40.

Description from macpro.com:
A smooth-to-apply, easy-to-blend, emollient-based foundation formulated to provide opaque coverage. Full Coverage Foundation was developed for the professional makeup artist who wanted an emollient-based foundation with opaque coverage. Water-resistant and long-wearing, it can cover most scars, blemishes and birthmarks. This easy-to-blend cream cake formulation is available in a wide range of colors. Coverage can range from sheer to opaque.

How to apply this product?
Achieve sheer coverage by applying a small amount of the foundation using a moist sponge. For opaque coverage apply the foundation using a dry sponge and a stippling motion. Compatible with latex and other synthetics used in special effects makeup, it can be used on the face and body.

Where can I buy this product?
While this product is only available at MAC PRO stores, you dont need a PRO card to buy PRO products. (By the way, you qualify for a PRO card if you are a makeup artist etc. and you get 30-40% off). You can call 1-800-387-6707 and place your order - no membership needed. You can browse the PRO products at: http://www.macpro.com


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing! How have you been applying this foundation?

Also, if you dont mind asking, what is your favorite concealer for blemishes (not for undereye) ?

An Eye Makeup Addicts Blog! said...

If I want a light coverage: I use a flat sponge to dab it on my face and then wet the sponge to distribute the color.

If I want a heavy coverage: I use a flat foundation brush to apply the product on my face, then spray Fix+ on my face and I blend it with a MAC 187.

I always set with MUFE HD powder.

I use the same undereye concealer for blemishes as well. But I have dry skin so I am not acne prone. So I feel I dont have much experience to help you with that..

Anonymous said...

you have great eyes...r u bengali?

Semi Permanent said...
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Semi Permanent said...

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