Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My E.L.F. Haul!!

Recently E.L.F. cosmetics had posted a 75% off coupon code for their Studio line. I bought a bunch of items. Here are some pics. I have not had a chance to play with the makeup yet, but I am BLOWN away by the quality of the brushes.

I will be posting close ups of the brushes and the products soon. Stay tuned!!

My order was:

84005 - Angled Foundation Brush
84011 - Blush Brush
83601 - blushed/bronzed
84002 - Complexion Brush
83801 - Complexion Perfection
84007 - Concealer Brush
84006 - Contour Brush
1605 - Cuticle Pen
81303 - dark
84008 - Eyeshadow "C" Brush
81503 - glow/medium
85001 - Makeup Artist Brush Belt
85008 - Makeup Remover Cleansing Cloth
85006 - Mini Eyelash Curler
81701 - natural
84003 - Powder Brush
84010 - Small Angled Brush
84009 - Small Precision Brush
84001 - Small Smudge Brush
83701 - Warm Bronzer


Krystallia said...

So many products,and i wanted to give a go to their brushes since Macs are so expensive,yet i hesitated :( Now u mentioned it i would reconsider :))

YingX said...

nice haul.


great haul :) can't wait for their close-ups and your thoughts on them!

Anonymous said...

75% off?! i miss the coolest promos!! i'm so mad at myself. =(

Inner Belle said...

Gr8 haul, you bought the brush belt!! i soo wanted it for no apparent reason lol! How are the wipes working for you? could you review them please? thank u x


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