Saturday, July 11, 2009

My top 5 MAC pigments

Hi Makeup Loving Lovelies,

Here are my top five MAC pigments that I use the most:

1. Vanilla (beige gold color) - a must have for highlighting browbone and cheekbones. Love it! I could probably use a whole jar of this pigment.

2. Melon (peachy gold color) - I also use this to highlight cheekbones specially for dramatic and "warm" looks. This is beautiful as a lid color paired with bronzes, browns, teals...

3. Teal (jewel toned peacock green color) - You see me using this color a LOT! I love it as a eyeliner for upper lashline and waterline. Use a little bit of distilled water or MAC Fix+ to add intensity. I also use this as an eyeshadow for evening looks

4. Sweet Sienna (greenish taupe with gold shimmer) - This is a complicated color to explain since on me it totally changes depending on the base and colors that I pair it with. I love pairing it with MAC Smoke and Diamonds, Teal pigment.

5. Gold and Silver (pro colors) - It was tough picking between the two. If you forced me to pick one, I would pick Gold since I use it more than Silver, but I feel like both are such gorgeous and must have colors.

A few other favorites that I dont use very often: Emerald Green, Your Ladyship, Naked.

Where should I buy the pigments?
I usually get them at the MAC store or try your local CCO. The MAC Pro stores are very generous with the samples if you buy a few products from them.

Or you can try - and
(Disclaimer: 1. I am in no shape or form associated with the above websites. 2. I have personally not bought from the above two places and I cant attest to their authenticity, but I hear these two websites are popular among my friends.)

What are you favorite MAC pigments?


Rani said...

Thank you so much for doing a post on the pigment request I asked for!..This will really help to get me started..:)

Btw, is there one piggie that you suggest is best for everyday?

An Eye Makeup Addicts Blog! said...

Hi Rani - I am so happy that you found the post useful.

I dont use pigments everyday, since I prefer a matte look for work. But I think Vanilla is the most versatile pigment.

What purpose do you want the pigment to serve - highlight, liner, main lid color, crease? What looks do you wear everyday? This will help me narrow down the choices


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