Wednesday, July 8, 2009

How to do beautiful crease work for less?

I do love my MAC brushes #217, #219, #224, #222, and #226 for my crease work, but if you are on a budget do try the Essence of Beauty crease brushes. They are so soft, they dont shed and they pick up and apply color really well. I am very very impressed.

Here are the Essence Of Beauty Crease Brush Duo Eyes brushes that I have tried and recommend for the crease. I bought these from CVS for only $5.49 + taxes.

Product details (source
The Essence of Beauty Crease Duo Brushes will define crease area by creating the perfect contour. Use in crease of eye with any eye shadow. Reusable cosmetic pouch; just cut where perforated. Superior hair quality styled for the discriminating customer. Essence of Beauty's plush cosmetic brushes are made of high quality, authentic hairs and fibers. Buy Essence of Beauty luxurious cosmetic accessories for all the benefits of high-end, department store brands at just the right price.


Rani said...

Sounds good! Thanks for the tip..I'm thinking of getting the 226 when it repromotes with Color you really think it's worth it? I am using a sephora crease brush, and a 224 dupe for my crease work..wondering if the 226 is worth all the hype..thanks.

An Eye Makeup Addicts Blog! said...

226 is lovely for creating a precise crease. So if you like that look its worth a shot. But I think the EoB brushes can help too..


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