Saturday, June 27, 2009

My favorite concealers

Of late I have been obsessed with concealers. Here are my thoughts on three of my all time favorite concealers:

1) Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage concealer (in SC-5)

The smaller side is the perfect salmon concealer ever! The concealer is on the dry side so you definitely need an eye cream with it. There is a certain way to apply this concealer, I found the application tips from LM's website. I am reproducing the salient points for you here (source:

2) Cleu De Peau in Honey

This is freaking fantastic!! I am 100% in love with this concealer. It covered my undereye circles and made me looks so awake. But I rate it #2 since $70 is completely ridiculous price point, and also it tended to accentuate my fine lines around the eyes just a bit.

3) Make Up For Ever (MUFE) Full cover concealer in #10

My third favorite concealer. The only problem is that #10 is just a tad light, and #12 is way too yellow for me. I settled for #10 and then I apply my foundation over it to even it out. This will be perfect for winter when I get lighter.

I hope this helps. What is your favorite concealer?


The Mighty J said...

I like MUFE and Benefit Boi-ing but always on the look out for a better one.

Rani said...

Great post!! I haven't tried Cleu de it THAT good? Also is the Laura Mercier easy to blend. I'm always a tad scared about do it yourself makeup. I also want to try MUFE..Right now, I'm using Mac in NW30..but it's not that great. Which out of the three is your top fav?

An Eye Makeup Addicts Blog! said...

Hi Rani

CDP ROCKS!! I loved it - as soon as I tried it in the store, my dark circles were completely gone!

Now I wont lie, LM is hard to blend, but its not too difficult. Goto sephora and ask an artist to show you how to use it.

LM is my top fav (very blendable). If CDP was cheaper that would have been my top :)


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