Sunday, May 31, 2009

My matte neutrals palette

I took out the divider from my 15-slot empty MAC palette, and I was able to fit 25 eyeshadows! I know it does not look that pretty anymore, but its pretty darn functional!

Please click on the image to see the labels/names of each eyeshadow.

Another shot of the same palette

My MUST HAVE matte eyeshadows:
MAC Brule, Tete-a-tint, Rule, Brown script, Follie, Embark, Handwritten...
hmm seems like I might list them all..since I do love them


XINAR0X said...

lol...I was thinking of removing the divider too but got scared that it won't look as pretty so I just kept buying more palettes. =( But this is really good and you got to fit so many shadows at once! awesome!

An Eye Makeup Addicts Blog! said...

I know same here! I used to always forget about the colors since they were in multiple palettes. I am using my eyeshadows so much more now :-)

Rani said...

I am scared like XinaRox is about disassembling my beloved it easy and can you still put it back in? But I probably would save some cash on buying more palettes and would use my e/s might give it a try. Do they fall out easily? I guess that's my worry..travelling and having my e/s all fall out of my palette.

Great neutral e/s stash though! I love my neutrals!..and seems like you do too.

Would love to see the e/s list and other palettes you may have.

An Eye Makeup Addicts Blog! said...

Hi Rani, I have not tried putting the divider back in, so I cant answer that quetsion.

I bought a bunch of magnets, so the eyeshadows dont move in the palette and are secure.

Please stay tuned for follow up posts with pics of my other palettes - neutrals shimmer, greens, purples, blues, golds, pinks etc. :)


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