Friday, May 22, 2009

Lakme collection "Bridal Sutra"- Summer 2009

OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!!!!! I love this new collection (again being called Bridal Sutra, they used the same name last year too lol) by Lakme that came out this Summer!!



Enrich Matte LIPCOLOR

Pure Rouge BLUSHER

I will be trying to duplicate these looks using MAC products...which one do you like the best?






Rani said...

Im lovin the Bridal Sutra collection too..but you can't get it outside India right? But it's good you're recreating the looks with Mac..I'm a MACaholic! The first and the 4th are my picks.

An Eye Makeup Addicts Blog! said...

Yes its not available outside of India - that's such a bummer!! I will start with the 1st and 4th look then

Janet said...
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Janet said...

Wow the eyeliner on the first picture is gorgeous!!!
Too bad we cant buy the stuff from the collection.. Maybe on Ebay india?

Rani said...

Can't wait for the looks! And like Janet said, maybe Ebay is an option. Though I'm always iffy about buying cosmetics on Ebay..just a hygeine freak I guess!

The Mighty J said...

Ohh can you get them on evilbay? They look pretty!

Janet said...

I just bought the eyeliner here:

Its quite affordable 9 pounds each.. Dont know what the price in India is..
Well ill review it when it arrives :)
Anyway didnt know they also had sindoor lol..
I would never use that on my "maang" I always use my Original sindoor my husband gave me.

Janet said...

lol, i bought the eyeliner from the winter collection .. Well its no problem, I always wanted to try it..

khmari123 said...

stunning pics

Organic Makeup said...

Love the stunning looks of the eyes.Great pictures here.

Natural Cosmetics said...

I like the beautiful shades that you have displayed...which ones do you think are good for dusky skin?

An Eye Makeup Addicts Blog! said...

Hi NaturalCosmetics

I think all would be really pretty! I am amazed at how well all shades worked on my skintone.

Hope this helps!


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