Monday, May 18, 2009

Collection: Bobbi Brown Rouge Pots

I wanted to haul some products and was looking for pictures/swatches and it's so hard to narrow down products that work for Women of Color.

So I have decided to take "true to life" some pictures and/or swatches of products (I suck at taking swatch pics:) that I own. Hopefully this will help someone.

My fav. in order of preference:

1. Powder pink (perfect for everyday/office wear)

2. Calpyso Coral (oh I love this for summer, specially when paired with Pout Apricot Totty)

3. Blushed Rose (perfect pink with brown undertones)

4. Pink Truffle (lovely brown with pink undertones)

5. Summer Tan (lovely for contouring, but you need time with this blush to get it right)

6. Raspberry (very easy to go overboard with this blush. A number of times I have ended up looking

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Tammo said...

Thanx for sharing! :) The colors do look fabulous; I kinda want them all >.< lol. I've never really dabbled much in cream blushes beyond the one maybelline dream mousse i picked up eventually bcz of all the hype & i really do like it a lot. I've been building up my powder blush collection for a while, once I'm satisfied, this will be the new frontier lol. I really am curious to look into it bcz i have normal/dry skin so the extra moisture would be great for my skin & I've heard so much about these rouge pots.


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